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Dyson V8

Dyson V8

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The Dyson V8™ Vacuum Cleaner is engineered for whole-home deep cleaning – including homes with pets. Inside the Dyson V8™ is advanced technology. The Dyson digital motor V8™, anti-tangle cleaning heads and whole-machine advanced filtration. The Dyson V8™ Cordless Vacuum transforms into handheld, to reach any space in your home and car.

The Dyson digital motor V8™ is also one of the quietest. Built into the lightweight and ergonomic Dyson V8™ Cordless vacuum, this powerful motor continuously works to capture particles the size of 0.3 microns. For pet owners, this includes the microscopic life that lives off of pet dander. The washable filter traps and stores dirt and dust, before being released into the bin with no-touch emptying. Store the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner in easy-to-reach areas with the wall-mounted charging docks – so it’s there when you need it.



  • Advanced Motor
  • Fast Suction 
  • 2 Modes 
  • No-Touch Emptying 
  • Docking Station 
  • Easy to Charge 
  • Easily Reaches up High 

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